What Happened

"You know how, in Eat, Pray, Love, Under the Tuscan Sun, An Italian Affair, and all those other memoirs, women go to Italy to put their lives back together?" I said at our first brainstorming meeting, "Let's go and have a delicious time because there is nothing wrong, because we are happy in our lives, and well."
"Let's make it our plan," she said, "to stuff our eyes with art, and our bodies with good food. Let's gain ten pounds."
"It's a deal," I said, "Ten Pounds in Ten Days!"
For years, I dreamed of going to Italy with girlfriends. (A Longtime Dream)

My friend Jenny, an artist, jumped in. (Traveling SisterImagine Italia!) We planned a luxurious art vacation. 
• 2 days in Venice
• A drive around the countryside
• 2 days in Florence
• 2 days in Assisi &
• 3 days in Rome! 
Our goals were:
• To eat and drink luxuriously
• To inhale beauty and art
• To take naps.

The time came closer, with so much planning and packing and preparations. (Mambo Italiano)

The day before we left...

Jenny totally flaked out on me! 

Well, it was only because she started seeing half the world in grayscale. She went to get it checked out, and was checked into the Neuro ICU, instead. (Italy vs. Jenny's Brain)

I agonized about what to do. 

I ended up going alone.

Instead of an account of the art we saw and the food we ate — our intention was to gain ten pounds in ten days — this blog is about how we each were thrown into a personal adventure, the meaning of which, to each of our lives, is pretty darn epic.

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  1. Exquisitely delightful writing! I loved every blog - and look forward to more....