Saturday, February 28, 2015

HUB Away from Home

In Oakland I am a member of the Impact Hub, a co-working space that attracts forward-thinkers to gather and network and galvanize new ways to bring positive change. There are Hubs all over the world, and I was eager to visit my "office abroad" while I was in the neighborhood.

Before I left, I hosted a Pencil Party where some fun people from HubOakland celebrated the power of the pencil and wrote greetings to Italia. 

The kind people at HubRoma agreed to host a corresponding Pencil Party while I was there. My trip being what it was, things fell apart. But Alexa and I did get to visit... and work. I finally was able to interview Alexa, the quintessential DecoBelle (ta-dah), for my book

We found it!
A whimsical workspace for creative collaboration.
Like Facebook...with clothespins. Charming!

Galleries where members
show their work

Some wonderful crafts and fashions by members. Love this
cool purse made from re-purposed safety belts.

HubRoma has a full bar. (For evening events...)
During the day, coffee donations, just like home! 
But cups are microscopic.
Pizza picnic
The tables are made of recycled cardboard! Brilliant.

The beauty of re-fab
A week after my return, I finally got back to HubOakland. This guy sits down at the table across from me and accidentally knocks the power out of my computer, which has suffered on this trip. I complement his sticker, and he starts talking to me...with that lovely Italian accent I now miss so much. Guess who he is? Dario Carrera, founder of HubRoma!

I had one of those speechless moments where I wished I could think of the right words. Somewhere between It sure is a small world, isn't it? and Vacation never ends, it just changes location, there was a through-the-rabbit-hole feeling that suggested my life would never be the same after this month.

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