Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Italian Shop Windows

From the moment I stepped off the plane from Frankfurt, I was enchanted by the eye candy in every window. Especially the cool collections, the patterns of color and shapes.
For all your tassel needs!

Beautiful gloves waving hello.

Chia pets are so well dressed here!

Obligatory gelato pilgrimage

Color ties, black & white ties

This is inside the bowtie store.

The only cars you can drive in Venice are toys

How to pack a chandelier in my suitcase?
They sell some pasta in Italy.
The seafood in Venice beckons. Literally. (The lobsters were waving at me.)
I love that they hand you sandwiches right off the shelves, right out of the window.
For Mom: marzipan octopuses. For Donald: chocolate salami.

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