Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The IKEA Lifestyle

Macky spies a mouse
Alexa lives the full-on IKEA lifestyle. A tiny apartment with fold-out this and that, everything you could possibly need is tucked neatly away in a drawer or cabinet. 

With certain shelves left free for a cat to jump from one to the next....

In the few days I stayed with her, Alexa produced everything from Arm-length evening gloves to Zithromax from the cabinets and drawers. She has more stuff than I have, but it doesn't feel cluttered. (Well, except on Wednesdays before the cleaning lady shows up.) (Tee hee, I actually overheard an elderly Italian woman actually utte the words "Mamma Mia" upon entering.) To be fair, my own explosion of baggage in the middle of the tiny living room was somewhat volcanic....
Bringing the great adventure indoors....
This may seem like a terrible thing for a friend to do, to post pictures of the insides of someone's cabinets, but Alexandra's many fans and friends know two things: first, that everything she does is artful or in service of beauty, and for another, she loves to share.

(That being said, I must faithfully report her protests that everything is currently "disorganized and messy!")

The spice drawer... used daily in the family's excellent cooking
Sewing cabinet, with wrapping paper,
used often as Alexa was sewing a costume
for Eloisa and then it was her birthday.
Macky the wonder cat on his way to the top shelf.
There are three or four shelves like this....

Alexa has three shelves of jewelry...no wonder
she always looks so perfectly accessorized!

Even inside her bathroom cabinet is,
to me, a work of art...

I predict Alexa will want to reach onto this
page and rearrange her perfumes...

Macky finds his mousie!
I do apologize for not posting a picture of the legendary shoe closet... the camera could not take in the glory of it all. Besides, some things should remain a mystery.

I can neither confirm nor deny it starts behind that second mirror....

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