Thursday, March 5, 2015

Birthday for The Bunny

Bleary birthday breakfast Cornetti! 
When Alexa first came to Rome for an opera workshop ten or twelve years ago, she felt like she was home the moment she stepped off the plane. Known amongst our friends for her aversion to procreation, she came back to California and announced she was not only moving to Italy, but she had met the man whose baby she wanted to have.

That baby came eight years ago, and was named Eloisa, because it sounds the same in both Italian and English. But her mom calls her the Bunny.

When your birthday falls during
Carnevale, your mom makes you
a costume every year!
I am crazy about this kid. They come to visit every summer, so she is almost always there on my birthday.  I was so happy to finally see her bedroom, pick her up at school, visit her dance studio (where they're working up a hot little-girl version of All About That Bass...), and snuggle with her at home. But best of all,  I got to be there for HER birthday!

My last day in Rome was filled with packing,  cleaning, cooking, and one more trip on the Metro for me to meet my horse bud Emily. ..who had rescued my forsaken backpack from Pompeii!

Fabio's whole family came over and filled up the apartment with good food and Italian family love. My last big meal in Italy included LASAGNE baked by a REAL ITALIAN GRANDMOTHER!

After the presents (see giant battery-operated dolphin,  below) we had one last snuggle Good-bye. Alexa drove me to the studio in Rome so I could catch the morning train to Venice.

Tatoo bffs!

I went to the mountain...and the Montanis!
Arrivederci, my beloveds! Or, to use the vernacular, ciao! Ciao, ciao! Ciao, ciao, ciao, ciao! (Ad infinitum.)

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